On Juicing and Life Design

I love being able to let you into my life this way; maddd props to whoever invented blogging!

Okay, so last week a few girlfriends and I went to a lifestyle product promotional party (can’t give details, but I’ll put it on Facebook when D posts it on her blog) that called for us to do lots and lots of eating!

I don’t mean finger foods either! I’m talking an assortment of beverages, appetizers, multiple main courses, and a particularly delicious Mediterranean-styled dessert that I love almost as much as I love chocolate-covered Oreos! *That’s serious*

As we drove to the venue to get our yummiliciousness on, we started chatting about our eating habits, and what changes some of us had made, or wanted to make with regard to how we feed our temples.

Of the five of us in the car, two of us had been juicing veggies as part of our weekly dietary routine. I am relatively new to juicing as I’d only started doing it this year, in large part because of the amazing results I got from fasting with Jasai Madden’s group, The New Fast Girls.

I promised I’d send them my easy-peasy juicing recipes, and I though maybe you could benefit from them too.

After all, Life Design is all about emotional wellness through radical self-expression, right? So how could I possibly omit such a powerful tool for self-awareness and connectedness to one’s Self?

Juicing has reconnected me with my body’s needs, and my minds capacity to choose quality and instinct, and slowly release the addiction to the processed foods I’ve eaten for many years.

Have you ever tried it? How was it?

Let me know, but in the meantime, juice your journey with these simple options for temple-nourishing tactics!

Juice this stuff…




Ginger root





Small green apple



And a few resources for your journey…

+ FitLife TV’s juicing recipes

+ Tera Warner’s juice cleanses

+ Tracye’s tips for storing fresh fruit and veggies longer without plastic *Love this!*

+ Jasai Madden’s Facebook group *needed this*


So, how will you juice your journey?