On Being the Self you Desire


As I sit here putting the final touches on my notes for an upcoming workshop, I’m pausing to give something to you.

That something is an OPPORTUNITY.

The opportunity is that of SELF-INQUIRY.

It’s Tuesday, and for most of us, our “work” day is more than half-way done. But you have other aspects of your life, be they family, business ventures, or otherwise, that will now come front and center as the typical western work day draws to a close.

As you shift gears, shut down, or wind up for the next round, I offer you these questions to help you stay aligned the life you want most to experience:

Is what I am about to do directly related to what I want to experience?

Is what I am giving so much of my attention to, aligned with my goals?

Is there anything on my to-do list that I can delegate, omit, or refine?

Is there anything I can do today to do less and be more?

And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, W.I.N.N.?