Now, THIS is a girls’ room!

My family put the Heart of Decor team to the ultimate design test by giving them a bona fide modest budget and asking them to perform sheer magic. We are so very grateful for their participation, and I for one am so relieved they didn’t laugh me to shame when I gave them the deets:

I would like the girls’ room to be a clean, feminine looking space that isn’t overly “theme-ish”, too girly, or seizure-inducing due to stimuli. They (ages 6 and 4) both need to be able to move around comfortably in the space and to read/chill in the space. Oh, and we only have $250. Oh, and if possible, we’d like to get bunk beds. Oh, and we must use low/no VOC paint (which costs more than regular paint).


Heart of Decor sponsored this project by donating the design/shopping fees, and using our budget to cover only the cost of the materials. #WeLoveThem #BigTime The results have definitely surpassed our expectations! They did exactly what we asked for and more! See for yourself, then visit their site or connect with them on Facebook to see how they can help you with your affordable design needs.


I know, riiiiiggght!!!! LOVE IT! Tamieka and Tasha even donated the cornice board ($30) (the fancy wood/fabric thingie that covers the top of the window) as well as the bookshelf ($5), to keep us within budget! Much appreciated, ladies! We think you deserve more silly bands!