November is Your Month to Feel Good, Out Loud!

“Trust the timing of your life.” 

I don’t know who said that, but they were on point like a mofo!
November’s gonna be a great month for you and me; I write and speak that into existence,
and I thank God-Self-Universe right now
for the knowing of this truth!

I’m feeling so good about this month already, in part because I’m in my favorite place on the planetJamaica!

Kris, the girls, and I are back here for building, unschooling, and (for me) general mermaid-ing.

I don’t even know whether you knew that about me, . I saw the movie Splash when I was a child, and decided right then that I would become a mermaid when I turned 16.

It didn’t happen. Figured I must’ve been off by a few years.  Come to find out, I was right all along. I was just thrown off by the reality that my mermaid flow didn’t show up in the form of a scaly, finned lower body.

Instead, it shows up in the form of incredible access to my creativity and joy when I’m near the sea. Plus, I don’t want anybody throwing salt water on me in public or private, and me fishing out on dry land. (That’s a scene from the movie, in case you haven’t seen it.)

Anyhoovers… I’ve got so much going on right now, and I’m super-duper excited about what’s going down this month!

Here are four projects from my Awww yeeeeaah, Kilah-gurl! list:

• Holiday Gift Ideas for people like us (so we can buy cool shit for people we love, and so we can point them in the direction of cool shit they can buy for us too)

• Discounts into my Self-Expression Classes (I’ve got almost 800 students sharing and learning together–COME SEE!)

• Short and brilliant Interviews with women and men who are creating communities around the stuff that makes them happy

• And an ISLAND RETREAT for BIRTHING A PRODUCT that I’ll share more about by January.

I’ll also be sharing photo gems during my travels  I’ll share some of it on my blog, but much more on Instagram, so let’s connect there.

Your turn. What’s on your November “Aww yeeeeaah? list.