Nearly 3 years. Ready now.

It feels good to walk these grounds again.

For many years, this blog, this space, was where I came to sit and process, to shed and sort. At a certain stage, I didn’t need to write here anymore. The words and work were calling for something different.

I shifted into more essay-writing for select publications, and then in 2016, I started Fare of the Free Child Podcast. Since then, much of my writing has been in the direction of podcast episode outlines and show notes, public speeches, online courses, and training sessions.

And then, about a week ago, as we neared the end of this calendar year, life said, “Akilah, get back to your writing grounds,” and gave me reasons to come back here, writing frantically, seeking and sorting, using written word to come to terms with major things, the way I had always done.

Watch the video for a bit more details, and if you rock with this type of flow, give me your email address and I’ll message you each time I write something here.