My, Tawana’s Fly!

Follow this particular Execumama on Twitter (@CorporateChic) to connect with a woman who is determined to create a life of meaning through her work as an author, entrepreneur, and of course, as a mother.  Read on for why we can confidently say, My, Tawana’s Fly!

Name: Tawana Necole
Age: 29
Execu-gig: Founder of Corporate Chics, LLC, Author of Corporate Chics, the novel, and co-founder of Sisters Striving for Excellence.
Mama-gig: Mom to two beautiful boys, Chase (4) and Chad (1).

What is your “day job” and is it your passion?

I am blessed to say that currently I do not have a “day” job.  Corporate Chics (the novel and business) along with SSE, Inc {Sisters Striving for Excellence} have become my career.  So yes, my “day” job is my passion.

How long have you been involved in your particular career, and how did you make the transition from your previous career?

I have been doing this for the past ten years.  I made the full-time transition in the last quarter of 2008.  Being released from my role as an Investigator was destined, and has opened many doors and opportunities that I never dreamed of.

Do you ever feel that you are sacrificing time with your children to further your career?

Not really.  I believe that I am in the “Intermediate” stage of my career.  I have created different stages or realms for what I do.  I am still learning and perfecting my leadership skills, and the more I work on it, the more I realize that I don’t have to place sacrifices on spending time with my kids.  I am getting work in this field, but it is not overflowing in abundance, yet.  So for right now, it is manageable.

Why do you think guilt is not an issue for you?

I have not begun to feel like I must sacrifice my time with my kids because right now, everything is balanced.  Currently, work is steady enough for me to still be at home with them, read bedtime stories, take them to the park, and teach them how to be gentlemen.  But I know the day is going to come when my answer will change slightly.  So until then, I am thankful for all the time that I am getting to spend with them.

What is the most challenging part of being a mother/wife while running a business (and/or pursuing a career)?

The most challenging aspect is organizational skills and a little time management.

Sometimes, I feel like I am all over the place.  If I am working on something for the non-profit and I have to stop to feed the kids, I am completely thrown off.  Instead of going back to what it is I was working on, normally I begin to respond to emails, or write an article for my blog, or maybe even start searching for agents.  So balancing everything that I have committed myself to is a barrier at times.

Tell us what we can expect from Corporate Chics and SSE over the next two  years.

In the next two years, there will be an audio version of the Corporate Chics novel for sale.  We are also looking at inking a production deal to have Corporate Chics become visual.  Besides being a novel, Corporate Chics will also be a movie and/or “dramady” (drama/comedy).  The goal by 2012, is to reach a mass audience with an empowering, authentic message of hope and faith.  As for the business support aspect of Corporate Chics, small businesses and entrepreneurs will still be able to come through the company to start a business or mature their business, but focusing on additional entertainment projects is the vision for Corporate Chics.

Within two years, Sisters Striving for Excellence will be housed at five additional colleges and/or universities.  We are in the beginning stages of having new “colonies” (because the butterfly is our replica, and they travel in colonies) started at Marist College (NY), TN State University (TSU), and GA State University (GA), just to name a few.  We will also host workshops and conferences based off the initial classes that every SSE member must take to become a part of the organization.  We also want to bring the intake process to life, literally, by creating a reality television show that would hone in on the positive aspects of the organization and what we are doing in the communities to help others.  It will also demonstrate the preparation that we provide to young women who are entering professional industries.  Through integrity and training, we want females to become their best.

The Execumama credo is to Define, Design, and Live your fullest version of WOMAN.  How do you strive to do that in your day-to-day life?

I never take myself too seriously and I understand that I am only passing through this side of life for a short time.  So in the time that I am here, I am going to continue to grow and learn from the experiences I am presented with, and help as many people as I can through love, service, and giving.