My No-Settling Relationship with Facebook

I left Facebook earlier this year because it felt like something I should be doing, but not like something I actually wanted to be doing. It felt like promotional fake-assness and I wasn’t feeling the noise.

Enter my latest tribal find–a Contributing Writer gig on The moment I discovered them, then later interviewed with founder, Sandra Kim, I knew I would be in an environment of radial self-expressionists who happened to be dope with the written and spoken word.

I’ve been writing there, and getting the type of interaction that comes from a vibrant, $70,000+ member community. And the only forum they use for direct comments on their posts is Facebook.

I was reluctant at first, because I didn’t want to get back into the Facebook Noise Fest. But this time, it’s different. I’m on it because I cannot afford to disengage from the folks who read and respond to my posts there.

And so, I’m back on Facebook. And looking forward to a more present experience with my type.