Post 6: 8 Questions About Motherhood and Ma’at

Are you familiar with the term Ma’at? It’s the name of the Egyptian Goddess who represented truth, order, and balance. Ma’at is also used as a philosophy that carries the same energy as the Goddess. So, one can practice living Ma’at by seeking harmony among all aspects of life.

The term, for me, holds particular significance in my experiences with motherhood, as I believe in harmony over balance, when it comes to work-life flow. For me, the practice of living Ma’at helps me prioritize the role of curiosity in motherhood

I feel that I get better at understanding my daughters when I stop assuming that I know, and start getting curious about what might be. I know it probably sounds more sensible to say that we have to know what our children need, but I caution you against that.

Why? Because if we show up already knowing, we filter children’s actions and words through our own lens, instead of creating a new lens that is made up of what we believe AND what we observe.

It’s that whole parenting in not on thing–remember my one radical rule for conscious parenting?

I shared some of these perspectives with fellow mother and life-lover, Ericka Marie, owner of True to the name of her site, Erica offers up great resources for practicing creative and holistic growth. Through the 6 channels on her site, visitors gain access to encouraging interviews, beautiful visuals, nourishing recipes, hair inspiration, and a general energy of wellness.

I think you’ll dig the site!  Click the image below to read my 8-questions interview with Ericka.  And if you can’t see the image below, just go directly to my chat with Ericka here. Enjoy!

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