Motherhood, LightCasting, & Life Design

Yep, all three of those topics are very much related.


I absolutely relish the idea of giving some clearly defined examples of how we can use Life Design–specifically in motherhood, to create lives that fulfill us and our loved ones as well.


Personally, I’m not a big Mother’s Day fan, as I tend to think the way we treat mothers (and anyone else, for that matter) on a DAILY basis is what really counts.


But, the sentiment is kind, and if it fills you with joy to know that your loved ones dig the idea of celebrating you on any day,
then ENJOY IT, Mama!! You earned it!


Anyhoo, one of my favorite Execumamas shed some light on leading with love, and I had to share with you.

Momager Interview

Click to check out my Skype interview with
Christine Martinello, aka The Momager!



Happy Every Day to ALL nurturing women!