Morning Smoothies as a Life Design Tool?

I would never have thought that I’d be posting recipes on my site! But, since Life Design is about daily action, deliberate choice, and ideal lifestyle, we’ll need these sorts of lifestyle management tools to do our Dragon Slaying & Other Epic Sh*t, so I’m delighted to share this with you!

I spent this past Saturday afternoon at a “Chat & Chew” (don’t you love that title?!) with some wonderful women from the REFRESH Women™ Atlanta Facebook group.

As we chatted about our habits, our needs, our food, and our bodies, the subject of breakfast came up—specifically, what we eat for breakfast, and how it serves (or doesn’t serve) our bodies.

As a Life Designer, I believe that anything we do with our time is facilitating the design of the life we live.  Whether those actions support or hinder our ideal lives depends on us, because we are never NOT designing.  This is why when the topic of breakfast came up, I became particularly aware of how my own breakfast habit serves me, and how that was not always the case.

Like a few of the other women at our Chat & Chew, I’m not a big “breakfast person”.  I’m not a fan of cereal, and I’d rather not spend any significant portion of my morning standing in the kitchen, so I don’t.  I have a fruit smoothie just about every morning, and it serves me in several ways:

  1. It’s easy to make, and I can make it in less than 5 minutes
  2. It’s high in protein, which gives me the energy I need for the morning
  3. It’s portable, so I can take it on-the-go if necessary
  4. It’s nutrient-rich, which supports my body and brain
  5. …and perhaps most importantly—it’s delicious!

Those benefits are important parts of my daily Life Design because they support my goals of a healthy body, mindfulness in my daily practices, and simple ways to support myself throughout the day.

What are you doing for your temple in the mornings, so that it can adequately support you throughout the day?

I’m certainly not saying that it isn’t easier just to grab a muffin or a doughnut, or a cup of coffee and keep it moving—I’ve done all of that before, so no finger-pointing here.  But you know what…women like us want more than that for our bodies, our lives, ourselves.  We want to do better, and perhaps this simple recipe can help you set that better version of your morning habits in motion.

Akilah’s Morning Mojo – The Breakfast Smoothie

Essentially: grab a bunch of fruits, add some almond milk (great protein source), and the other ingredients below, blend them until they’re nice and frothy, and enjoy the energy it gives you.

For my REFRESH Women homies who asked for my specific blend:

Unsweetened almond milk
Ripe Banana
Milled flax seed
Peanut Butter

Occasionally, I add one Activia yogurt for the creamy flavor, and I use Whey Protein powder, but only when I’m exercising regularly; otherwise I don’t find that I need any more protein than the peanut butter already provides.

As for how much of each…um…a bit.

I know that’s terribly unspecific, but that’s what I’ve got for ya. Just put enough to make the amount you want, geesh! *smiles*  If you decide to try it out, let me know.

Oh, and if you really want support and accountability in adding nutrients, deliciousness, and ease into your daily eating habits, do what I did—invest in a session with Health Coach and Wellness Educator, Takeyah of Core Connection Lifestyle.

Take Living Personally!

Her skills have truly helped me reconnect with how to make food choices that support my body’s unique needs.  #ILoveMyVillage

Have you considered how your breakfast routine ties into the design of your day?