Meet The Resource: An entrepreneur-focused call

Do More FasterOn our entrepreneurial journeys, as with life, no one else can define our unique path for us.  But certainly, we can observe the mistakes and successes of fellow trailblazers and use it to refine our own lessons and avoid common pitfalls.  I’m all about being divinely led, and that includes accepting the resources that are placed in our paths to help smooth out our strides.

This Thursday at 8PM (EST) join me as I listen keenly to the insight and experience of Brad Feld, co-author of Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup. His book, written collaboratively with David Cohen, focuses on seven major hurdle that all entrepreneurs must tackle:

  • Ideas & Vision

  • People

  • Execution

  • Product

  • Fundraising

  • Legal and Structure

  • Work-Life Balance

In DO MORE FASTER, David and Brad help first-time entrepreneurs succeed in business through sharing their years of experience and unique insights from their TechStars program, a mentor-driven seed accelerator that has helped numerous fledgling companies attract over $25 million in venture capital and angel investment.

Join us if you can invest 30 minutes in a no cost Meet The Resource session designed to help you flourish in business. It’s Thursday, February 17th at 8:00 pm ET.  The call in number is 424-203-8075, Access code: 25935#

DO MORE FASTER: The book in 76 seconds (video)