Magic and note-taking from the Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference

A beautiful woman with flowing locs and the warmest smile told me something last Saturday.

She told me it was clear that I was using my magic, and that she saw beams of light emanating from me that day.

I hugged her
I thanked my Source
I smiled at the way she had observed my interactions with my daughters, and called it beautiful and present.

I got something that fed my soul that day, and I also gave what I had to the women who came to nurture themselves.

I talked about self-inquiry and self-expression, and I admitted that I had no answers; only questions they could use to ask themselves back into present spaces.

I challenged them to release the idea of balance, and embrace harmony and radical self-expression instead.

They got it. And I, in turn, was fed by their acceptance of the message, and their own beautiful insights that added to the potency of the energy in the room.

I am grateful.
I am present.
I will continue to use my magic.

And, of course, I will continue to write and speak with the intention of reminding women how to use their own magic as well.

Click the image below for notes from each magical presenter’s workshop.  These takeaways were brilliantly scribed by Jamie Fleming-Dixon of