Macy’s Hosts a Centennial Celebration for African-American Artist + Innovator, Romare Bearden

When you walk through our home’s front door, the first thing you’ll see is a small room with more than its share of canvases, paints, paintbrushes, and a few well-worn easels.  My husband Kris, and our youngest daughter, Sage both have the gift of visual artistry.  Me and our oldest daughter  Marley, on the other hand–we can provide awesome descriptions through the written arts, but you don’t want us near a canvas—trust!

Despite our differences in creative talents, the four of us share an appreciation for visual arts.  It was a no-brainer for us to attend and indulge when invited to “Tweet, Toast & Tribute” to one of the 20th century’s most exceptional visual artists, Romare Bearden.

Work Train, Romare Bearden 1966

(Pictured above) Romare Bearden’s 1966 Collage, Work Train.  See this and more at Jerry Thomas Arts.

The music, the delicious food, the in-person company of my blogosphere homies, and of course the art—made it well worth the drive from our home, 40 minutes north of Atlanta, to learn about Bearden’s significant contributions to society through his forms of self-expression.

As I read the details of Bearden’s life on the Romare Bearden Foundation’s website, I began to realize just how much Life Design work went into his particular brand of awesome.  Not only did Bearden express himself on canvas, he authored books, gave public talks, established organizations to support young, minority artists, and worked with others to define, design, and live in a space that allowed him to celebrate and share what he loved.

Bearden's Life Dsign

So, the four of us–two artists and two writers, thoroughly enjoyed Macy’s efforts to celebrate Black History month by sharing Bearden’s work and honoring his significant influence.  Bearden was a gifted artist, writer, and art activist, and since we can’t all be as multifaceted as he was, we’ll settle for basking in his brilliance, and reminding ourselves of the long-standing positive effects of radical self-expression.

Learn more about how Macy’s is celebrating Black History Month in your city here.

If you’re a Twitter bug like I am, search the event hashtag, #RomareATL, for varying perspectives, and uber-cute candids from the event.

Oh, and an extra-special Thank You to the social media go-to guys and gals at Everywhere and Tyler New Media for co-hosting a wonderful event!