Look Ma, New Wings!

March is officially here!

So I can officially start my countdown to spring!  Woo-hoo!  This expanded version of Execumama.com is a great representation of its evolution.  My evolution.  Our evolution.

In my evolution, I have made real connections with other Execumamas, and I needed to create a space to reflect that.  I’m spreading my wings because I saw myself in you, and my light has become that much stronger because I was privileged enough to be made better by your luminous flux.  Thank you for that!

On this site, you’ll find that I kept the most popular elements of Execumama.com: My, She’s Fly!—the absolute heart of the Execumama movement, and Notes to Self, my monthly message that comes from heavy meditation, prayer, and listening.  Now, let’s keep on finding ways to share our light so we can create stories so bright, our younger Execumamas and our soon-to-be Execumamas will know that they CAN be the FULLEST versions of themselves despite any setbacks they encounter!   Are you up for that?  I hope so, because this year, Execumama.com is officially on the move!  For starters, there’s With Mom in Mind, a series of traveling workshops focused on un-retreating! Yes, un-retreating: utilizing solutions to create a qualify of life that includes time for ourselves, instead of  having us feeling like fiends for a spa day! Are you up for that?

If you subscribed to the first version of Execumama.com, no worries, we retained your subscription.  However, if you’re visiting this site for the first time, please SUBSCRIBE to stay involved in the Execumama community.

Speaking of community:

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Are you on Twitter?  If so, let’s definitely chat! I’m always up for 140 characters of information/laughter/ranting/whatevz!

Okay, that’s the dealy-o! As usual, I look forward to basking in your particular brand of sunshine, so be in touch, and remember to Define, Design, and Live your FULLEST version of Woman!