What’s Periscope Gonna Do for Our Businesses?

There are all these new opportunities that didn’t exist when your idea was first born. Twitter’s Periscope, Blab.im, YouTube’s growth, and Instagram’s 15-second videos, all of those give us new opportunities to share our old ideas with new audiences.

If you’re an entrepreneur, whether in product or service-based business, there is somebody out there looking for exactly what you offer, exactly the way you offer it. So, I want you to be thinking about ways to use social media, specifically live streaming, to share your best offers. Not just your sorta-kinda-decent ideas, but the best ones.

I’ve got a class that’s specifically for that, and I’m inviting you to join me and more than 900 students on the path to repurposing our brilliance!

The regular price is $110, but if you use the link in this post, you get the course for more than $60 off! Of course, this offer will expire in a few days, so if you want in, come on in today.

My students—entrepreneurs like you and me–took ideas they had either refined in the past or just concepted, but didn’t really refine it, and they’re using my process to turn the idea into something of major value that they can offer to their ideal customer today. Come join us!

If you want in, click here to go right to the course page and get in while I have it at this rate. I’m putting it back to the regular price soon, so get in with the other 906 of us at this special rate just for making time to watch this short video. Alright, see you inside the course!