Lifestyle Management Tools for My Fellow Travel Lovers

Do you crave travel?


Is hopping on a plane to smell new scents, see new sights, and meet new people high on your Must-do list?

If so, we’re in the same club! I adore the entire travel process, and I’m blessed to have a family and career that both facilitate my globetrotter mojo!

I love to roam, and I also love a great deal! I’m learning that my soulwork always needs some strategy to minimize the drama. This is why I invited 25-year travel industry expert and founder of, Bob Diener, to give us some tips on keeping the stress to a minimum while we follow our Life Design and explore our world! is an online site focused on providing travelers with the lowest possible room accommodation rates. I haven’t yet used them myself, but I checked out tons of their reviews, and they’re pretty positive!

Here’s how Bob helps us to better manage our travel-lovin’ lifestyles

For many individuals, the very thought of travel produces stress signals in the brain. The hands get cold and shaky, and the heart races. For airline travel, unless you are experiencing the pleasures of first-class service with lounges, limousine service and lay-flat beds, traveling on a plane is increasingly difficult.

Some people get nervous when booking their flights or accommodations, where they are convinced they aren’t getting a good deal.

Here are some tips for to reduce your stress and get the most out of every dollar.

Decreasing stress at the airport and on the plane

An important first step is to plan a reasonable time to leave for the airport and then actually depart 45-60 minutes earlier. There is simply no benefit to rushing through security and running to your gate, especially if you have kids in tow.

Additional tips for improving the airport and plane experience:

• Check for flight delays the night before your flight and the morning of your trip. If the delayed flight will cause you to miss your connection then you need to call the airline as soon as possible in order to get another route. If it is delayed while you are at the airport, get out of the 20-person deep customer service line and get on the phone!

• Avoid checking any luggage to save both time and money. If you are traveling with your family for an extended period and have to check bags, then make sure you have an extra set of clothes for everyone in a carry-on.

• Bring extra food for yourself and the kids. The downside of throwing away a few items is minimal compared to a stage-5 hunger meltdown.

• Don’t drink too much caffeine before or during the flight, and make sure you eat.

• If your flights are delayed, remember to check in about your car rental which often expires at midnight of the day of your reservation.
Enjoying the Open Road
Driving provides travelers with considerable flexibility to change plans on a whim to enjoy a fun detour. However, if your driving vacation consists of “are we there yet” questions every two miles, then you need to prepare properly in order to prevent a tension-filled ride.
• Bring a cooler so you can pack restaurant leftovers and more nutritious snacks for hungry travelers.

• Check with your insurance provider to be sure you are covered so you can avoid expensive supplemental insurance.

• Bring entertainment options to keep children occupied. This doesn’t mean they should watch movies for eight hours a day, so be creative!

• Use a navigation app or GPS to stay up to date on traffic conditions to avoid major delays. You can always take the scenic route off the freeway.

• Be realistic about how long you can expect your traveling companions to sit in the car. It really is the journey, and not the destination that matters so don’t push to cover 800 miles every day.
Booking Tips to Get the Best Deal
• Plan ahead, especially for any summer travel. Many hotels offer deals for booking in advance on sites such as Last-minute booking is very stressful, and you might be stuck with an out of the way hotel that cuts into your relaxing time.

• Book flights in advance for the best pricing and the most options. Pay attention to layover times and avoid any that are thirty five minutes or less.

• Get on the phone with an agent from to book an unpublished rate.

• Consider booking a trip to an offseason destination to avoid crowds and higher rates, two major causes of travel stress.

• Avoid booking flights on the summer Federal holidays or November 26th-27th or December 22nd-26th.
Whether traveling by air or road, travelers can greatly reduce their stress by following some of our expert tips. The key tip is to remember that travel is supposed to be fun and relaxing, so enjoy the fun moments with your family and do your best to smile at your fellow travelers.

Happy Travels, Mama!