Life Design Defined

I’ve been exploring Life Design and Emotional Wellness since 2004, and though the term is often used synonymously with other popular terms such as “Location Independence, Lifestyle Design, and Life Hacking”, my practice and interests focus on one specific goal:

Women’s Emotional Wellness.

Through this work, a woman learns to manage her life in ways that are personally fulfilling, and professionally rewarding using tools that help her take responsibility for her actions and experiences.

Life Design sessions (whether through workshops, lectures, or individual coaching sessions) offer lifestyle management tools that help us design our internal and external environments for more fulfilled, less stressful lives.

Results Can You Expect:

* Better alignment with your ideal lifestyle
* Awareness of your current patterns and how they’ve hindered your progress
* Increased awareness of your own personal and professional needs
* Knowledge of how to express your authentic needs (W.I.N.N. Strategies)
* Tools for enhanced self-governance
* Resources for personal development
* Form interdependent relationships rooted in mutual commitment, respect and trust.
* Accountability for your personal and professional goals
* Tools for setting and keeping your personal boundaries
* Better relationships (intimate and platonic) through better knowledge of self
* Clear direction and increased focus on the what and how of your daily actions
* Clarity around who you are and under what conditions you thrive
* Confidence about your online and in-person presence
* Courage to embrace radical self-expression in your work and in your home
* Strategies for de-cluttering your internal and external environments


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