Larie Gives Big #WWGB

Larie Risks Expression


Larie unabashedly serves her readers, listeners, and clients through her commitment to using all of her life experiences to empower others in their times of need. Her first-hand experiences with promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, chronic illness, and her battles with self-value serve as powerful testimonials for how to move from victim to victory through God’s love.

If you’re up for a good read that it simply stated, devoid of filters, and purposed to reveal big doses of truth serum on the mindset, sexuality, and spiritual journeys of millions of young girls worldwide, then Larie’s latest installment, My Heart Speaks…of Boys and a Girl, is ideally suited for you.

I thought of own middle and high school days when my adolescent ignorance found me judging and even loathing the promiscuous girls in my school.

“Why is she so nasty?”

“OMG, she is crazy for sleeping with him!”

“She’s a total ‘ho’!”

Never considering what void she was trying to fill, who or what had exposed her to sex at such a young age, and the fact that that girl was just like me, but with different ways of expressing her hurt, her fears, and her natural exploration of her feelings.

“That girl” was doing the best she could with what she felt, and though the path was unhealthy, the more important thing is the WHY.

Larie’s books remind me to talk to my own daughters and their friends about healthy forms of self-expression and allow for open questioning and discussions about “awkward”” topics like molestation and sexual requests.

Larie’s casts her Light judiciously, and women the world over will no doubt benefit from her willingness to share and shine.

She risks expression at