Join Me As I Share Stories from The Survival Guide

If you believe in the power of multiple spirits gathered to share each others experiences, knowledge bases, and life lessons, founder, Brooke Brimm, created something specifically for you.

Watch the video below, then click here to join my session and lend your voice as I get all “radical self-expression’d out” about emotional wellness.

She said…

Who:  A group of cool authors who write, and blog for women. They do it because they want to entertain us, they want to inspire us, they want to learn from us, they want to teach us, and they want to talk to us. They do it because they love being women and because they love women!

Why:  Because we all need it. We authors want and need to hear from you. We hope that you want to hear from us too. Not just reading our written words, but hearing our voices, seeing our pain, seeing our smiles, and understanding why we want to give to you.