Post 10: 3 Things I Appreciate About How Jill Scott Managed Her Nude Photo Leak Situation

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that singer, songwriter, poet, Jill Scott, has been victimized by hackers who leaked a semi-nude photo of her, and photoshopped a second photo, claiming it to be Scott as well.

I see this as a matter of Radical Self-Expression on the part of Jill Scott. Instead of deciding not to address the issue, or to address it through a publicist, she stood up in front of it, and spoke her truth. Much like her music, she says the thinks that we think and may not say, and she leans in on how she feels, outside perspectives bedamned.

Here’s a #radicalselfie question for you:
What do you do when you feel like you’re under attack? Do you look for a way to “formally” address it, or do you take any platform you can to speak your truth?

Here’s Scott’s #radicalselfie statement on the matter, via a collection of her Twitter posts:

How quickly they forget (smh). I did nothing wrong & nothing that was YOUR snake concern. My photo was hacked; my PRIVACY INVADED. I will not be bowed. I have earned every inch of my life. What u see, you can not touch & if it’s not & understanding- you are not a part of my village therefore making your attempt to harm me null. I’m not even delayed. Shame for spreading. Shame 4 adding. I love and appreciate my body. My style has always been graceful. Love Village I see you & feel you too. Thank you for being beautifully human. Thank you for empathy. Thank you for KNOWING better. Thank you for speaking up. Breathe. lastly- poor boys & mean girls- there is light in u. Move from stilted satisfaction. Ur effort 2harm, defeats u. Traps u. Thereissomuchmo

Powerful, right? I think it’s radical because it does three vital things:

1. It speaks to her feelings
2. It calls us out on our feelings and actions
3. It thanks us for our support

There was no hiding in her statement. Nor was there any blanket gratitude or anger. She speaks to who she appreciates, and side-eyes who she doesn’t appreciate. And most importantly, she asserts the emotional space she chooses to use to nurture herself through this discomfort. I love Jill’s statement, and I want you to consider it another resource document for nurturing your own Aha’s around what you need to say.

Take yourself off mute. Say what you feel. Go ahead, risk expression!