Jay-Z Emphasizes the Value of Context and Self-Expression


The idea of a widely recognized institution focused on the curating and dissemination of the written word is enough to send a word-nerd, story-telling seeker into orgasm–truly. But add one of the most constantly relevant and organically expressed voices in the modern art of Hip Hop to the equation, and I will do more than reach my joy point, I will bellow, and I will share.


Sit in on this dialogue between Shawn (Jay-Z) Carter, Dr. Cornell West (who I give the straight gas-face at certain points in this talk), and Paul Holdengraber, the Director of  Live from New York Public Library (NYPL). They are speaking the language of the Radical Self-Expressionist, and I think you’ll appreciate it.


Jay-Z will reference the importance of developing and trusting one’s own voice, particularly in the face of turmoil and less-than-ideal environments. He designed the life he wanted, and in this video, he is sharing, using a humble wisdom and comforting wit. I appreciate that Jay-Z is reminding us why we must risk expression if we want to live well and be excellent. Tell ’em, Hov!