Akilah Richards Mother Daughters

Investing In Your Right To Write

I never get enough of this photo. I was breastfeeding both girls at that time. Goddess Refrigerator Titties would’ve been my stripper name. It was so dope to be able to give them something organic and life-affirming just by being whatever it is that I am. I felt useful and relevant in an entirely new way.
Just four months shy of a decade ago, I sat there, with those girls (and dem titties!), new to double motherhood, filled with curiosity and joy.

It was also the eve of the year I published my first book. I hired an editor, after asking for referrals. I bought a publishing package from a company in Arizona named Wheatmark. Those were my first two major financial investments in myself as a writer, and as a business owner.

I haven’t stopped investing in my art and my skill since then.

I write stories because I love to read stories. And it feels like my responsibility to give back to the thing that gives me so much. I read a story, so I contribute one back to the world in exchange.

We’re dance partners, stories and me. We trust each other to come through.

And seeing this image of that day, with those girls, being photographed by their King of a daddy, always reminds me to trust myself. And to take my time when I make my choices. The way I did when I chose him. And them. And every time I choose focus over fear.

That means, as a mother, for example, I’m giving my daughters space to be themselves. I’m encouraging them to be themselves by showing them how to choose for themselves, and how to look out for each other in the world. It means I don’t try to make them more convenient for me; I respect them, and I still guide and protect—but I give them space to be themselves, and see that they offer me the same space.
— — —
That’s one example of how writing stories, and turning them into books, helps me live out what I believe in.

Are you being nudged by a story that chose you to come through?

What do you believe in? Can you put a bit of that inside a story?

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