Inspiration for Coming Out of Hiding

I’ve got two mirrors for peer into as you explore your own Self.

The first reflection is that of an accomplished, beautiful and spirited woman who entrusted me with the excavation of her most authentic voice regarding a very vulnerable topic——weight.

The other reflection is my latest personal story over at I’m sharing a moment when I had to choose between rocking a boat and staying in calm waters.

Both stories are important in your self-exploration journey as they will both undoubtedly remind you of your own life. As you watch and read, consider and explore this question:

–Can you identify one area of your life where you intentionally muting out important elements of your personal needs?

In other words, in what relationships are you treading lightly and calling that light tread your real walk?


Get full access to the story behind the journey by watching her Spreecast that followed the airing of show.

Click the image below to read my personal story on emotions and expression.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 12.06.15 PM