Indulge in Love’s Gumbo for Emotional Wellness

Wait, so you thought that just because this is a digital conference, you wouldn’t get any conference swag? Welp, that is incorrect, lovely lady!

Session two’s speaker, Brooke Brimm, is going to set off the conference goodies mojo with her incredibly generous freebie! And equally important, she’ll talk to you about her keys to emotional wellness. It’s best to use headphones for her session, and if you listen carefully, you’ll find out how to get your own custom jewelry from this Jewelry Rockstar!

This homeschooling, advanced degree pursuing, Love’s Gumbo authorin’, fly natural hair rockin’, long-term happy marriage having mama has some solid insights on exploring her WINN™ (What I Need Now) moments, practicing the art of detachment, defining balance for herself, and oh…customized jewelry for YOU, a registered conference attendee!

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More conference goodies are coming, so be sure keep watching, and be sure to let Brooke know how her message feeds your soul.