In Gratitude of STOPPAGE.

Sometimes, Creator puts certain things in our way to indicate the need for a STOP.

Not a pause, but a FULL STOP.


The past three weeks have shown me, in no uncertain terms, that it was/is time for me to STOP.

When you are offered lessons/messages/growth opportunities in your life, do you take them?
Can you think of a time where, in retrospect, you realized that the indicators for the need to STOP were placed in your path, but you batted them out of your way like incessant flies, driven by your goals, and even feeling proud of that drive?

In my adamance to live my FULLEST version of self, I must remember that the STOPPING is part of the process, and that even Earth, as busy as she is, and as many jobs as she’s been given, understands the need…no, make that the right to STOP, and uses that right consistently.

In the winter months, Mother Earth rests.  She ceases her mass production of flowers in all their colors, sizes, shapes and smells. She allows the trees a reprieve from their leaves, and simply allows them to stand rooted–with nothing but their naked brownness, open, and available for any onlooker to see. Even in the places where Winter doesn’t coat the ground in white slumber-inspiring snow, there are still crops that will be in their resting period, and animals wise enough to listen to their internal message and go into hibernation.

I’m naked in my brownness just like that tree, and let me tell you, I am grateful for these moments where my mind flits about from thought to thought, uninterested in most of them, and easily pulled away to play by a nearby beach, a food familiar from my childhood, or a new corner of the island to explore.

In this state of “nakedness”, I get to be in a childlike mode that offers me a pass to whimsy, to unfiltered asking, and of course, to observation. So far, I can say with pride that my life in Georgia isn’t one I felt the need to “escape”.  However, the change of scenery, pace, and frankly, the lessened level of immediate responsibility, has done a world of good for my psyche. These moments are certainly key to my complete Life Design, and so I give thanks.

I’ve been on the island of Jamaica for the past few weeks, and the most POWERFUL aspect of this trip is clear: I have earned the right to STOP.

I believe that most of you have earned that right as well.  I also believe that without that STOP, you will not have the chance to USE what you’ve been given, because you (like me, at times) will get so caught up with being busy (often disguised as being driven/amazing/goal-oriented), that you drown out the message that is already there. The message that since birth, is what Creator put in place for each of us to walk our path, live our story, and have the things we want, not just for ourselves, but for the lives we’ve been put here to touch.

Thank you, Jamaica, for reminding me that IT IS OKAY—and most necessary— to STOP.

Thank you, Jamaica, for reminding me to value the RESTING PERIODS along the way.

Thank you, Jamaica, for lulling me into this state of CALM, because I need it, and because I know that on the other side of this calm are ANSWERS to questions that have stumped me thus far.

“In all your getting, get understanding.” I love that verse from Proverbs because it’s a brilliant reminder of why being “busy” isn’t enough.  Ask yourself if you are getting understanding, and if that understanding still leaves you fatigued at the end of each day, upset and/or annoyed with your job, your family, yourself…then perhaps it’s time for you to consider the value of a FULL STOP.