If they won’t support you, support yourself.

I met a feminine force who decided to take her destiny into her own hands.
She was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused by her husband.
She experienced betrayal and abandonment from her parents.
She was (and still is) a spiritually-grounded person.
She knew she didn’t deserve a life of violence, disrespect, and pain.
She wanted a divorce. She wanted her family back. She wanted freedom.

She took a few steps towards her freedom, got very afraid several times during the process, and kept going anyway.

Once she took a step forward, resources appeared to help her do the things she couldn’t do alone. These resources committed to her freedom just as much as she did. They were powered by her Pure Source, and inspired by her insistence on being free.

Oh, and by the way, she was 10 years old.

To paraphrase Nujood Ali: I decided that since I couldn’t depend on anyone around me to help me be free, I would rely on myself.

Where in your life have you relinquished your power to someone else?
How have you stifled your voice because someone else wronged you?
Did you realize that deciding then taking action are the two keys to mobilizing the resources that are waiting to support you in getting FREE?

When I read Nujood Ali’s story yesterday, I felt so proud of her, so honored by her courage, and so empowered to un-mute myself and my circle of women in even bigger, bolder ways.

You are not 10 years old, but if you were, it would still be possible to un-mute yourself and claim your freedom. I know that you’ve experienced versions of Nujood’s story—pain, betrayal, abandonment, extreme loneliness, and lack of overall support.


If you are alive, you have a resource in yourself.
Add to that, the Pure Source of your Creator.

Resource + Pure Source = True Liberation
Feel that. Know that. Use that.
Drop the blame game, the excuses, and the if-onlys, and take part in your Life Design by first deciding, then taking action.

Here’s my Big Give for un-muting.