Husbands, Meet Your Wives’ Thoughts!

This is about facilitating open, honest discussions between husbands and wives.
This is for the wives who are frustrated with the side effects of muted self-expression.
This is to give our husbands some #realtalk insight on why we want to love them even harder.
This is about candor, trust, and a commitment to never sweeping shit under the rug.

Honey Do: The Web Series  *GET SOME.*

It’s not enough that I’m living this experience with my friend and source of writing inspiration, Denene Millner (Google her, son-LOL!), but through our conversations, we get to kick down the door that houses the room of silence in un-awesome marriages. We are eternally grateful to MyCulture.TV, brainchild of Lamar and Ronnie Tyler of Tyler New Media for bringing our manuscript to life.

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Don’t get all quiet either-LOL! This is a discussion, not a view-and-run.