How Vulnerability Can Serve You

It’s no secret that I fall in love with women all the time. I can’t help it, because the more I focus on trusting my process, the more these women show up in my life.

Sometimes they walk alongside me, sharing similar goals…
Sometimes they walk ahead of me, reminding me to just keep showing up…
Sometimes they’re behind me, steadily nudging me forward…
Sometimes they’re heckling from the sidelines, expecting me to fail (which reminds me that I’m doing something right if they’re paying me so much attention)…
Sometimes they’re in my life for brief chapters, to give and get love before we both move on…

But in some shape or form, women show up and remind me how to love, trust, and juice this journey.

Do you find that resources are showing up more often in your life?

If your answer is no——don’t fret. You can change that today by focusing your thoughts and actions on one word…


That one thing most of us never want to experience.


I challenge you to sit with your thoughts about being vulnerable, asking yourself whether you’re willing to risk being vulnerable to get to the root of your realest needs and your realest fears.


Because on the other side of vulnerability is truth.

Let that move through you, and if it settles somewhere that could use a bit of light, then let the vulnerability of the women below guide you through to your truth.

Vulnerable moments in writing

Monique Halley shared her experiences as a parent of a child with health challenges here, and my God she got open!

Alisha Sommer wrote a sweet, simple piece about her need to be called by her name.  As women, we get called many things, and though some of them make us smile, others yank us into a reality that can leave us feeling vulnerable, involuntarily “re-defined”, and struggling with our own need to simply be ourselves.

Here’s a great TED Talk on vulnerability by storyteller and researcher, Brené Brown:

my most vulnerable moment in writing.

 So love, how will you use vulnerability to juice your journey?