How to Master Healing Your Heart

“You want to heal your body? You have to [first] heal your heart!”
India.Arie | Get It Together

I was in the middle of refreshing walk/jog today when those words slowed my pace, and took up residence in my soul.  India.Arie offered me a beautiful testament to the resources we receive when we open ourselves to receive Universe’s divine guidance.

So many of us are walking around with broken pieces in ourselves, yet we remain unclear about why our life isn’t going the way we expect it to go.  Broken pieces need healing.  Not because we’re striving to be perfect, but because we deserve to move past hurt, and on to the benefits of healing.

How do we use the lessons from hurt? If we’re trying to develop better relationships with ourselves and others, what resources are available as we take strides towards Getting It Together?

In your love journey, how do you get it together so that if you’re in a great relationship, you and he can communicate honestly, without intent to hurt, and with confidence in the outcome?  Or, if you’re not yet in the relationship, how can you create a space for him to emerge in your life, and finally leave the Mr. In-the-meantimes behind?

In your relationship with your physical body, how do you get it together so that you are no longer eating your emotions, as my business partner and friend, Shelley Chapman, would say?  Can you get to your healthiest weight, your most energetic body, and your least fatigued self?

In your business journey, how can you get it together so you can be better aligned with the people you are meant to serve? The ones who are happy to exchange their time and money for the value you provide?

This Fall, Shelley and I are co-launching a program created with Full Mast(H)ery as the focus, and this healing assessment is a part of our yearlong offering.  It barely scratches the surface of the full Mast(H)erMind Experience™, but it will offer you some insight into the type of work we’ll do, and how it affects your body, your business, and your overall access to brilliance.

We focus on the steps before the business plan.
We dissect the journey before the weight loss or weight gain.
We create strategies for alignment with your most fulfilled life.

Before you heal, what steps do you take to assess what needs healing?

The steps are centered around your H.E.A.R.T.
Hurting, Expression, Allowing, Reflection, and Trust.


What are the major Hurting Places in your life? Not the hurt from going to the shoe store to find that those hot brown pumps are discontinued. More like the hurt that feels un-frikkin-fixable, and all you can do is close your eyes, breathe deep, and pray for eventual redemption.  That man who seemed so much like Mr. Right, only to turn out to be Mr. Yet-Another-Wrong.  That business opportunity that turned out to be a puffed-up version of someone’s fleeting excitement.  That moment when you realized that your mother was never going to understand you, and that you had to figure out how to move on without her blessing. That kind.  When we identify the Hurting Places, we give ourselves access to the next step in the healing process.


Have you said “I’m hurt” out loud? Not necessarily to the person who hurt you, but more so to yourself.  What does it look like when you given yourself permission to be hurt, AND to express that hurt? Have you been trying to “eat” the hurt, and keep it trapped in your Body so that people don’t see you as weak, vulnerable, or incapable of handling your business? I capitalized “Body” because we define body as not only the tangible temple we see in the mirror, but also the body of work that we build when we nurture our families, ourselves, and our careers. All of it is your Body of Work, and you are always feeding it something.


What are you allowing to dictate how you design your life? All the emotional baggage you’ve accumulated over the years has shown up in your design plans, and it’s stuck in the walls of your Body of Work. When you learn the discernment skill of Conscious Allowing and Disallowing, then you learn how to assess and direct your patterns.


How are those allowances and Hurting Places showing up in your personal and professional life?  We are always allowing; always designing; always being something.  Are you designing and being from a deliberate space, or from a place of reacting to the sting of the unhealed Hurting Places?  Our lives are always reflecting what’s going on inside of us; ALWAYS. So being able to see the reflection of that hurt in our actions empowers us to do something about it, and change the cues we’ve been giving, the people we’ve been attracting, and the life we’ve been living.


What are we doing today with everything we’ve learned? Once we look at all the above strategies, how will we use the results of that work to live our lives knowing and trusting that we are divinely guided, well-equipped, prepared, and deserving of all the success and joy we desire?

Shelley and I have grown so much as a result of using H.E.A.R.T. Work in our lives and with our clients, and we know that many of you are in a space where a private community of highly focused women can help you break through the walls and get in line with your healing!

Do you want that so badly you can’t even explain it?
Are you sick to your stomach from all the false starts?
Are you finally ready to be that successful woman who’s been welling up inside you for years?

Then click here to listen to India.Arie’s message and tell me…are you ready to GET IT TOGETHER?