How to make smarter mistakes

I learned a lot about myself when I started my business.

I learned that I’m a resilient woman with great intuition, serious ADHD, and a gift for reminding women how to express what they need to feel nurtured too.

I’ve also learned that the mistakes I’ve made along the way were not all part and parcel of my process. Some of them came from:

  • lack of knowledge
  • fear of failure
  • insecurity
  • focusing on “other”
  • listening to naysayers
  • needing external validation
  • muted self-expression

Like many of you reading this, I’ve faced many fears on my path to building this life. Lot’s of incredibly powerful monsters have turned out to be shadows of my own concocted fears, and others have proven to be worthy adversaries.

Ultimately though, women like us survive; but not unscathed. Our emotional wellness——that sense of security, high value, genuine joy, and capacity to trust ourselves and our process——pays a high price, and we suffer.

It is with my journey, and the journeys of women like you who want more than “survival” for their lives that S.W.O.T. Check™ was created.


Let’s learn how to make smarter mistakes
Let’s learn how to leverage our natural strengths
Let’s focus on breathing life into opportunity
Let’s learn how to serve ourselves while we build.


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