How To Help Your Business Make More Money: A Meet The Resource Call with Carol Roth

Entrepreneur Equation Carol RothInsightful Business Advice for Entrpreneurs

As entrepreneurs—many of us still within the first five years of self-employment—WE’VE GOT QUESTIONS!

Resources like Carol Roth can help us cut out the fluffy crap and get to the tried-and-true insights that can help us build successful businesses! Can I get an AMEN?!

Carol Roth’s platform as an accomplished business adviser, is built upon the idea of unabashed advice about the whys and whats of successful business.  Statistically, more than 22 million American entrepreneurs have businesses that look more like jobs, yet, according to Carol Roth, most of the advice out there DOES NOT speaking to the average entrepreneur. Carol decided to do something about that by way of her book, The Entrepreneur Equation (BenBella Books, 2011). 

Carol’s goal is to help us set up a framework that allows us to effectively evaluate our own risks and rewards in order to stack the odds of success in our favor. #YesPlease!

She’s written over 100 business plans, and she’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs get clear about risk evaluation, getting bold, building a sense of discernment for what business advice to take, and overall, how NOT to be one of the 90 percent of small businesses that fail within the first five years.

Carol has become a popular TV personality on such venues as Fox News, MSNBC, Fox Business, and WGN TV Chicago.  Here are my favorite “you should knows” from Carol’s bio:

She is known for her significant knowledge base, can-do attitude, extreme efficiency, client dedication, frank opinions and “colorful” vocabulary.

More recently, Ms. Roth pioneered the FIRED-UP® entrepreneurship assessment, a proprietary five-step methodology for assessing if someone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. By assessing whether someone has the appropriate Finances, Inspiration, Responsibility profile, Experience and Dedication & Unbridled Passion for entrepreneurship, she gives those with the true fire in their bellies the confidence to pursue their dreams and tells those who have no business being entrepreneurs not to quit their day jobs.

Her new book, The Entrepreneur Equation, drops March 22nd, and of course, I tapped Carol on the shoulder, and asked her to drop some knowledge on us Execumamas.  She’s all set to talk scalability, longevity, and bringing our unique selves to the table. Could you use some insight in that area?

JOIN US! On Wednesday, March 16th at 1PM (EST), we’ll be talking business with Carol.  Dial-in number: 424-203-8075.  Access Code: 525935#