How To Get What You Need Now

Go ahead, Transition.

Are you aware of the heightened levels of access you gain when you RECOGNIZE and ACCOMMODATE transitions?

So many people in my immediate circle are in the throes of transition.

My friend, Shelley bid her father farewell.
Another friend, Takeyah took a heavenly pivot toward a new state.

Others in my circle are having tough conversations about marriage, career choices, and health.  The pattern is very clear, and I’m betting you’re seeing it in and around you too.  We’re in a state of transition, and indeed–resistance is futile.

But what if I’m not one to embrace change?

Well, let’s look at your options.

The Flow of Transition

When you find yourself facing the same dilemmas repeatedly, what is your process?

If we leave out the b.s. and the fluffy stuff, you’re left with two options.

1.  Seek ways to cure the SYMPTOMS (anger, frustration, self-doubt, lack of confidence).

This process will find you engaged in passing the blame, playing the victim role, and holding on to relationships and situations that do not serve you.  Wondering why you can’t seem to grasp that extra dose of discipline/commitment/courage you need to shift your energy from potential to kinetic?  Read on, I have a solution…

2.  Face the actual CAUSE

This one can be tricky, because we can get stuck trying to figure out WHY we keep doing (or not doing) a particular thing.  Yes, the Why matters, but when I refer to the cause, I’m talking more about the Why Not than the why.

Why Not make the recognition of transition an active process?
Write down the feelings that accompany the idea of change/transition, and give yourself private time to think through each feeling. For example, if the idea of pricing your natural hair products gives you serious anxiety because you’re not sure people will buy them, use the “write it through” process like this.

Write out what you’re feeling
A. I feel afraid that pricing my Moisture Mix at &6.99 will deter people from buying it.

Then address your W.I.N.N.™ (What I Need Now)…
B. What I need now is a business that offers me financial profits, and keeping the price at $4.99 isn’t giving me what I need.

Now that you’ve expressed emotion and introduced logic, let’s look at strategy…
C. IF – I got several sales at the $4.99 price point, THEN get testimonials from your past clients and use that to substantiate the price (both to yourself and your market).
IF on the other hand – I got no sales at the $4.99 price point, THEN your Why is not about product pricing, it’s about how and where you’re marketing, or the quality and/or presentation of your product.

See that?

If you allow yourself to recognize the need for transition, you open yourself up to a process that allows for emotion, and also makes room for the strategy and soulwork it takes to do something about how you feel.

That process gives you a nurturing way to “check yourself” without condescension, so that you can see the need to transition, as well as ways to accommodate what that transition requires.

Need a mirror to facilitate your long-overdue transition?
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Excellence, Not Excuses!