How to Embrace Technology as a Life Design Tool

We are alive in such an interesting time, and I hope you’re aware of that reality.

We weren’t around for the advent of television or the airplane, but this technological boom, and the speed at which combinations of numbers, letters and special characters are affecting our abilities to communicate with our world is nothing shy of phenomenal.

I was talking with my 9-year-old daughter yesterday about my high school days, and she asked me if I was on Facebook back then. When I told her we had one computer in our house, and it certainly was not used for socializing with my peeps online, she became …unnerved.  “But only one computer, Mommy? Seriously? Woooowwww!”

LOL! I imagine that by the time my daughters are my age, new and exciting news like video for Instagram will be yawn-inducing old fogie stuff, because they’ll be teleporting to Accra for a friendly game of Words with Friends, using the app chip they got implanted in their pinkie toes.

I invite you to be present during this time, Love. I mean reaaaaally present.

Some of us lament on the “old days” and talk about the lapses in human interaction as a result of the speed and vigor of current technological advances.

“There used to be a time when …. .” Yep, there used to be. Now, it’s different, and we need to adapt, embrace it, and infuse our own selves into the equation. If not, you will not be able to communicate and connect without the help of your babies, and um…I’m not quite at the stage where I embrace the need for a translator to liaise between me and today’s world.

Are you?  I hope not.

We were influenced by different things in our day, and that’s cool. We went outside more often, we communicated face-to face, and all that was cool. But if you look at today’s opportunities less like threats to the “good old days” and more like jets to the future of things, and kick-ass tools to manage your Right Now, you may find yourself more engaged and less intimidated by things to come (and things already here).

Design your life in collaboration with, not resentment of, the resources you have at your disposal.  How can you use what’s here to fully embrace your Right Now?  Don’t get it twisted, we’re alive in a time where your presence is more important than ever.  You have several opportunities every day to make authentic connections with people all over the world; if that matters to you, it’s vital that you are conscious, present and vigilant about making room for authentic connections.

As such, you do not need to be on every social media platform. If you are truly present in your life, then your online presence should be part of that equation.  Choose the platforms you enjoy, ditch the ones where your profile just sits there.  Simple.

Start there.  Clean up your online profile game to capitalize on your Right Now time.  If you’ve registered for a particular platform, get present or get gone.  Use sites like Udemy and Coursera to help you demystify the myriad options for ways to use today’s technology.

For example, I recently ditched Facebook because I found that I felt and interacted much more organically (and I was having so much more fun) on Instagram.  (Join me there, by the way).

Start with those tips, and let the rest organically evolve simply because you now choose to be more present.

Plenty Love,