How to design the perfect marriage!

Seriously? Like anyone knows how to design the “perfect” marriage!!

However, I do know how to infuse Life Design techniques into my relationship with Kris, the creative mind behind our agency, to define, design, and live a genuinely happy marriage.

We’re certainly not without moments of heightened pisstivity, and the occasional thoughts of “okay, this might not work out!”  But far surpassing those moments is the truth of what Kris and I share—a deep love, a mutual respect, and most importantly, a well-nurtured friendship.  For us, marriage is NOT about sacrifice and putting ourselves second, it’s about support, celebration, fun, partnership, and of course love.

Kris and I believe in honest, open dialogue around marriage.  It’s important not just for us as a couple, but also for us as individuals, because it reminds us that we are free to express and explore our feelings authentically, while still holding someone else’s feelings in high regard.  We shared our struggles in Real Simple Magazine, and we’re not stopping there!

Our fellow Happy Marriage promoters, Ronnie and Lamar Tyler (the masterminds behind and Tyler New Media), will be releasing Still Standing, another installment in their series of powerful love proclamations, on May 1st 2012.

The official word:

A diverse group of couples provide transparent, insightful conversation about what it takes to have lasting power in current day marriages. Through infidelity, chronic illness, financial crisis and more these couples explain WHY and more importantly HOW they are STILL STANDING.

Here’s the official trailer

And another trailer with me and my supa-dupa-awesome hubby!

I’m a huge fan of Ronnie and Lamar’s work because they effectively counter the barrage of negative images about black families. That is a reality, and instead of complaining and blaming, Ronnie and Lamar took the initiative to experience something BETTER, hence this and their other DVDs.

To view and purchase Tyler New Media’s powerful works, click here (affiliate link).

A hearty congratulations to Ronnie, Lamar, and the entire Tyler New Media team for defining, designing, and living in a space that supports and celebrates healthy, soul-nurturing LOVE!!