Unconscious Motivators

How to Conquer Your Unconscious Motivations

I’ve got a heavy question for you today…


An unrealistic set of expectations brought about by your tendency to compare
yourself to others?

A well-meaning parent who views your life as their opportunity to make real their
own deferred aspirations?

A fear of failure manifested in the form of self-deprecating words?

A sense of loyalty toward whatever you started a while back, even though it no
longer feels like the thing you want to do?

Whoever it is, and however it came to be, there’s a strong possibility that the
#NowPlaying list in your mind is based largely on a selection of tracks that
were not created, chosen, or sanctioned by the woman you really are.


That’s a total trick question! You didn’t “let it happen”, it happened without
your permission, while you were busy doing and giving and trying and hoping.

But you can shift from doing to BEING, and start clearing out the mental clutter
that other people put there when you weren’t as focused on your ideal lifestyle
as you are right now. That’s great news, so let’s focus on the “What Now” and
not the “How Come”, so you can un-mute yourself and reclaim your own voice.

Unconscious Motivators

1.  Do the Necessary Soulwork to Identify “The Voice”

Take some time (perhaps while lying in bed, or on your commute to/from work) to ask yourself this question, and expect a clear response: Who do my thoughts remind me of? Do you keep hearing your grandmother in your head the way I sometimes do? Do you tend to equate your success with your mother’s happiness? Or your father’s approval?  What’s that one incessant thought that keeps coming up as you try to identify the real voice in your thoughts?

Once you narrow down the options of who that voice may be, you can start to recognize it as:

A) Separate from the authentic you
B) Not the authority on your life and your choices.

2.  Design a Better Relationship with FRABMEG
Don’t tell me you don’t remember FRABMEG from that party we went to in … kidding 🙂

FRABMEG signifies the seven parts of the Execumama’s Survival Guide:

Fear.  Relationships.  Authenticity.  Balance.  Money.  Excellence.  Growth.

FRABMEG was birthed from my coaching breakthroughs both with my own coaches, and my coaching clients. In analyzing the bejesus out of all the topics Execumamas like me tend to discuss online and in person, FRABMEG represents the ones we addressed and struggled with the most. Imagine if you started paying special attention to those seven areas of your life on a daily basis. Sure, it’d be overwhelming at first, but like most things to which you fully commit, you’d create a way to bring it into the fold of the things you willingly nurture.

Ready to conquer your unconscious motivators?
Feel a sense of urgency around designing a better relationship with your FRABMEG?

Let’s see if I’d make a good partner for that part of your journey.

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