How to build an emotionally sustainable business

A hearty welcome to my new subscribers, and warm hugs to those who’ve been with me for a while!

As you know, I’m pretty wide open when it comes to sharing my life experiences, and though I meet the occasional harsh criticism for “telling my business online”, I have no plans of yielding, and here’s why:

1. That’s part of my natural grain. I share openly, and I attract people who operate on that same wavelength. I have plenty of guides, mentors, and survival circle tribeswomen and men who share openly with me too. I thrive on that flow of sharing.

2. My lessons feed you, as yours feed me. As we align with our ideal lifestyles, we have to prioritize a “village” mentality that calls for us to feed each other. That means we don’t just share the moments of excellence and joy, but we also share the Oh Shit Lists, the rock bottoms feelings, and the stuff that leaves us feeling less than.

My subscription-based program (a self-exploration journey for emerging entrepreneurs) is rooted in that idea of open sharing and deep self-inquiry.

This radical self-expression is what has helped me build a sustainable business over the past 5+ years, and I invite you to sit with me while I share even more with you.

If you hear your own journey in my words, subscribe to SWOT Check™ and start creating your own intuitive strategies for your emotionally sustainable lifestyle.