How to be where your feet are – A Spa Week Inspired Post

“Be where your feet are.”

I love that saying because it reminds me to simply be present.

We often get so caught up in making sure we don’t repeat past behaviors, and looking forward to future results that the simple, that profound pleasures of being present get overlooked by us “driven” women.

Well, you know I’m a vehement proponent of HARMONY in our lives, and I relish any opportunity to be right where my feet are, and to share with you the benefits of doing the same.

BE here nowSoothing fooy wrap during pedicure at Solera.

Well, while you define, design, and live in the space of your ideal lifestyle, use the more easily-accessed pleasures of self-pampering to gently remind you what you truly deserve.

Last week, in honor of the upcoming annual Spa Week I was invited to indulge in a complementary 60 minute Solera manicure and Busy Bee pedicure at Solera Salon and Spa in Alpharetta, Georgia.

If you’re ever near Alpharetta, Georgia, make it a point to visit Solera for easy opportunities to celebrate yourself and take some well-earned “Me” time!

You love to love on your body too, don’t you?

Well then… be sure to take advantage of the $50 Spa Treatments available near you.

National Spa Week Event is happening April 16-22nd and all you have to do to take advantage of the $50 treatments is go to and search for spas in your area, then call the spas directly to book your appointments.

I can find moments of self-exploration just about anywhere, and as I stared at my feet and hands, and recognized just how hard they worked, and how much I appreciate them for supporting me, I embraced a moment of joy. Simple, yes. Lasting, yes.


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