How To Avoid Being Fear’s Bitch

Diopunbrita Baby

By this time tomorrow, I’ll have already risen with the intention to spread my live speaking wings at the Miami Convention Center for SheCon.  I feel so good about this opportunity, but perhaps equally important is the fact that I get to practice my Life Design strategies by addressing some pretty heavy fear points!

—>FEAR POINT #ONE: There are other fabulous sessions going on at the exact same time as mine! What if no one comes to my session? Like, no one! At all! Ever.

—>FEAR POINT #TWO: This Life Design thing is still relatively new to many folks. What if the women there don’t give two shits about Life Design, and label me lame because they realize that I’m just…me, and that I’m not coming to them with 15 surefire ways to make $10,000 from their blog??!

I remember writing a few years back about how it’s okay to acknowledge fear without feeling the need to embrace it and invite it to bed. This is a great opportunity for me to do that, so I figured I’d share it, so that you can see that you should TOTALLY give two shits about Life Design!

As promised…
How To Avoid Being Fear’s Bitch
OR (if you prefer)
Life Design Strategies For Moving Past Fear

If you decide to get into bed with fear, and get all rubbed up and stuff, what you produce together is DOUBT. I created a Doubt baby around my SheCon appearance; however, I decide to use this unwanted baby to get the alimony I need to keep walking my thoughts. I asked for this, and so I’m opting to do it NBA-groupie-turned-wifey style. I’m shamelessly using the baby to get what I want, and her name is…

Diopunbrita!  You can too pronounce it: Di-op-un-brita! *Classy, right!*

Ditch: The ego! This is about being used by my calling, not about appearing in front of the largest audience!
Opportunity: As in the very same ones I’ve been asking for! To speak live in front of strangers in new cities, about Life Design.
Understand: that I am already enough. Because of my intention, the outcome can only serve to make me stronger/better.
Brighten: As in get into LightCaster mode and resolve to cast my light by delivering a healthy dose of my unique self
Take: the time to see the blessing in this opportunity. What got me to this point? What am I learning? How can I use it?

So, the next time you stare a great opportunity in the face, and realize that fear is hanging out trying to get you into bed…
Go ahead, take him in. Make yourself a Diopunbrita, and embrace the feeling of being the proud mama of your best-case scenario life, one baby at a time.

Need a little help embracing your Diopunbrita? Let’s do a complimentary Life Design session to see if we can’t get that baby out.