How to access your own INspiration

How did you feel about the dangers of inspiration?

If it resonated with you, I’d like to know why.

Then I’d like to know what you do to access your own internal mojo–the real inspiration.

Let me tell you what I do:

2 Simple Things I Do To Access INspiration

1. I start my day with me. I dismissed the practice of reaching for my phone to check emails or even reaching for my stack of books to read my favorite Audre Lorde quotes or Hiro Boga poems.

Instead, I listen inward, paying attention to the thoughts that are available for observation, and stating what and how I wanted to experience my day.

2. I recognize that there are no key-holders. Maya Angelou can bring me to tears with the flick of her pen, or the warmth of her smile, but she cannot create positive, permanent change in my life. I must do that. And when I decide to commit to that practice, then she, her words, and her smile will have a bucket to drop in their gems.

Each of us hold our own keys, and my suspicion is that the keys are merely pacifiers— crutches if you will—for us to hold on to until we see that there is no doorway, because we the building we seek to enter.

Audre, Hiro, Maya, and my host of other in-my-mind mentors are members of my Motivation Nation. They are conscious stops that I make to sip water, get smiles, and juice nutrients as I walk onward. They are water breaks on my life journey, and I welcome them and their Light.

But if I mistake them for my legs, and stop running, they will not and cannot carry me. I must move my legs. I must decide to continue. I must breathe deeper, step farther, and decide again and again to move where my own Light leads me.

As you gather the gems that feed you today, remember to differentiate between your Source and your resources.

Who and what you serve is your Source.
Who and what motivates you to keep going is serving as a resource.
Be the Source you seek and you can then move forward with confidence, without fear of disappointment, failure, or doubt.

Motivation can come from anywhere, but inspiration is always an inside job.

Listen inward as often as you can. Make time for introspection. Digest what you read and hear, so that you can apply your authentic self to every single aspect of how you spend your time on this planet.

Build your inner Inspiration Station by getting intimate with what lies within. Then when you know that Self, that Voice, that feeling, you can safely tap into “Other” for the occasional pats-on-the-butt or side-eyes you need to remind yourself of what you’ve committed to getting done.