How Not To Solve Problems, and Feel Better Still.

Word in the cosmos is, each setback we experience is to be celebrated, because though it may look like mud and muck, it’s actually the universal equivalent of a turbo-boost–a concentration of intense energy that will propel you into your comeback; a shinier, more experienced, more grateful, more evolved version of your former self.

WORD?! Well, I’m gonna need the Universe to look me in my eyes and pinky swear me that this is so, every time…without fail…unequivocally.  Or at the very least offer me a pink spoon taste test of the sheer awesomeness that will soon rise from the ashes of the stuff now appearing as problems.

Pinky Swear

Wait, what’s that, Universe? Speak up, please. I can’t hear you! Hold, please, let me quiet things down a bit, because it seems you like to whisper.

Girl in Prayer

Oh, okay! I hear you now. Sheesh, you’re gonna give me another acronym? You know folks tease me about my obsession with those!! Fine, if you insist.

Pressure I feel from Creator’s

Removal of

Old habits and realities that no longer serve the

Better version of myself that is

Leaning forward, so that I can truly

Emerge and

Manifest my most fulfilled, complete


Hmm…if I sit back and think of all the PROBLEMS I’ve ever had, and what came as a result of those uncomfortable moments of unknowns, fears, and WTF’s, can I honestly say that the results are the things that ultimately help me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and get stronger/smarter/more courageous?

[Insert Jeopardy theme music here]

Freaking Wowzers!!!!!! I swear, Universe, you’re like the coolest big sister, ever!

So, when I’m quiet, what I hear you saying is that my problems are opportunities for me to sit still, pay attention, and allow the better version of me to come through. Right?

So, the perceived problem is not a setback, but more of a setup, but in a setting-me-up-to-crouch-down-low-so-I-can-reach-up-high sort of way. Right?

What, what?! It’s not about solving the problem, but more so about sitting still enough to catch a glimpse of what Creator has planted, and trusting that it needs this shit fertile soil in order to sprout and eventually, bloom? That it?

So, I’m sitting here, feeling worried|afraid|helpless|nervous|miserable|embarrassed|royally screwed when really all I need to feel better is to be still; and trust; and give thanks for the knowing that this is a necessary process?

Well, hell…why didn’t you just say that?!