How NOT to Improve Upon Yourself

You're already Whole

What if your WORK was ONLY  about building on your STRENGTHS?
What if you found a way NEVER to criticize yourself again? Like ever!
What if you gave yourself permission to love all of you, just as you are?

What if the whole concept of making yourself BETTER is ass backwards?

I’ll tell you “what if!”
The “Then…” to those what if’s would be about…

BEING so amazing at your natural gifts, that the resources to manage the rest come banging down your door–insisting you let them in, so they can do their jobs.

BEING in full Gratitude mode for all that you are, knowing that God makes no mistakes, and that
you can improve SKILLS
you can improve RELATIONSHIPS
you can improve HABITS
you can improve DAILY ACTIONS
you can improve HOW YOU THINK
but that you NEVER make it about improving your SELF

Its not semantics, either. The outlook matters.

The outlook is all you’ve got, mama!.

So, as we spring into April, I encourage you to simply BE HER.
BE that woman you’ve always admired.
BE that confident sister who knows her worth.
BE that healthy, lover-of-life who appreciates her life as it is now.
BE that energy-wielder who uses actions & habits to improve her outcome.

BE YOUR BEST SELF as often as you can, and your BEST SELF will start taking the hint.

It’s happening in and for me right now, and I want you to journey with me.
BECAUSE YOU deserve to know what if feels like to thrive!
BECAUSE CREATOR makes no mistakes; you’re here via a Divine Permission Slip.

Have a fantastic week, and remember to practice BEING.