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How Michelle Obama Reminded Me To Ditch Work-Life Balance

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The constant societal nudge toward the pursuit of Work-Life balance never left me feeling accomplished or fulfilled in any way. In fact, it did the exact opposite. I felt incapable of “handling my business” well, and feelings of Not-Enoughness were always front and center.

In connecting with hundreds of women over the years on this very topic, the pattern was/is irrefutably clear: The vast majority of us are not able to sustain a feeling of balance between our time spent nurturing our families, and our time spent building our careers.

My friend and fellow Execumama, Denene Millner , saved space for me and my spirited opinions over at her parenting and lifestyle hub,  I used the space to show more women how to ditch the myth of Work-Life Balance by way of my latest lifestyle resource for women, mothers, and entrepreneurs, (now available for pre-order with an arrival date of March 8, 2012) The Execumama’s Survival Kit.  Check it…

If a woman spends too much time focused on herself and her own needs, then she’s bound to neglect her other responsibilities, i.e. her job, her partner, her children, her dearest friends. Right?

Instead, we women are told we should seek to stay in great physical and mental health, attract and marry a good man, raise well-behaved, academically-on-point children, find a group of great women friends with whom to swap recipes and giggle over drinks, and if she’s particularly badass, make a name for herself in a respectable career.

Basically, Mrs. Michelle Obama has effectively replaced June Cleaver as the epitome of the poster child for stage play: Woman, Thou Art Freakin’ Perfect!

I doubt that Michelle Obama herself is as Michelle Obama-esque as we think! Clearly… 


This Kit was not created to provide a space for co-lamenting about our Work-Life woes…it’s much more than than.

This Kit counters the conditioning set up to support a system that doesn’t quite yet know how to support women like us. Page 20 —KitQuote

It’s about how to show up in your life (and in the world) as a more harmoniously sound, less hurried, worried, and muted version of yourself…all without guilt and/or apology.

Significant growth usually comes at a price: Risk. It’s not likely that playing it safe will yield the returns and rewards that come with a heightened risk tolerance level. If you’re an entrepreneur, you know exactly what I mean. We step out a bit, look left and right, realize how many other folks are heading down the same lane as us, then we deepen our resolve, step further out, and realize that indeed, the road to success (and fulfillment) has far fewer travelers than we originally envisioned.

Why? Because it’s scary as shit, that’s why!

It’s scary to trust that what you think you know is actually a useful life skill.

It’s scary to put your real feelings out there…


Here’s my BIG GIVE, available for pre-release today through March 7, and primed for immediate download on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2012.

The Full Survival Kit

Everything you read will offer a direct correlation between your daily challenges, and your capacity to choose something better. I call that Life Design. Page 6 —KitQuote

Head over to to read Part I and Part II of the inspiration and urgency conjured up to craft this Kit.  Be sure to share your insights on life in balance versus life in harmony.  If you dig what you read, buy a copy for yourself, and perhaps one for your sister/friend who could use this as permission to give up pursuing an impossible goal—constant balance.