How Life Design Affects Your Marriage

ME time, Baby!

Have you seen Honey Do: The Web Series?

It’s got Life Design oozing from its core, and that’s because the focus is about expression, communication, and genuinely feeling good about who you are being.

Denene Millner (one woman, writer, and entrepreneur who makes me want to take NoDoz to stay up all night to practice being awesome!) of and I, with the help of Lamar and Ronnie Tyler of, crafted these short, real-talk webisodes where we speak on behalf of the many wives who (like us) have countless conversations with each other about their lives at home.

Life Design Principle No. 1 states: All morally sound human beings deserve to live in a space of fulfillment and abundance.
So, if wifey isn’t feeling that sense of fulfillment due to lack of communication (whether on her part or the hubs’), then a shift needs to occur. Denene and I intend to nudge the hell outta that shift until the conversations are being had in households everywhere! Watch, comment, get mad, get happy, but please–talk about it!