How Has Your Marriage Saved You? A Tyler New Media Sponsored Giveaway!

Truth be told, when I read the title of this film, I wondered about the context, and found myself unsure about whether I was simply confused, or downright offended by the title!  “What in the heck do they mean by he ‘saved’ me? Um, that’s weird and sounds kinda chattle-ish” is what stomped through my thought processes with a serious attitude as I re-played the possible meanings of the title in my head.  I just wasn’t sure what this couple, Essence bloggers and creators of BlackandMarriedWithKids were trying to say on this one.  It took me a minute, but when the point hit me, it did so like a ton of bricks!  Watch the YouTube clip on the right to see what I mean.

He definitely saved me, and he continues to do so as our relationship grows.  WOWZERS! I never even thought of that before Ronnie and Lamar Tyler put it out there in that particular context. Lightbulb!

Kris saved me from way more things that I’d have the space (and the guts!) to list here, but I will share that he continues to save me from my impatience and tendency to walk away when something doesn’t work exactly the way I need it to. He’s very zen in that way, and Creator knows I SO need that. Kris says I saved him from mediocrity, and I’m so thankful he views it that way, because my intent with him is similar to my intent with you: to remind you of your charge to be your FULLEST self, never backing away from your God-given right to turn your potential into your reality.

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So, how has your partner saved you?