Defining Womanhood

How do you know you’re a woman?

The question reads a bit on the absurd side, right?

So how come we engage in talk and thought that brings up that very question?

There are so many messages around us, daring us not to define womanhood,
but to fit into someone else’s definition of it.

I had to to look you in the face via Youtube to talk about this one.

When were are truly women, in touch and in control of our femininity and womanhood:

we are thinner
we cook every day
you can eat off of the floors in our house
our man gets more sex (from us)
our children are perfect
we are Christians
we lose baby weight in 6 months
we wear our hair in its natural state
we attain the perfect work-life balance.

I call BULLSHIT. And I call a 10-minute radical self-expression video on it too.

Are you a woman? How do you know?