How Curiosity & Clarity Serve Us

Have you ever pissed off frustrated your own self with thoughts that start out all day-dreamy and juicy, but end up with you feeling trapped in and defeated by your own life?

The words usually swirl around within one of these frameworks:

I know I’m overworked and underpaid, but someday…
I know I’ve got to do better, but I just can’t figure out…
If I just had enough money, I would totally…
Of course I want more out of life, but the reality is…
What if I just said to hell with all of it and finally…

I’ve said every single one of those phrases more than once in my life, but you know what? That shit got old and cold, and eventually, I prayed/meditated/danced/cried/pondered/read/brownie-binged/wrote my way into a space that finds me curious and clear about my journey.

On Being Curious

Aren’t you the least bit curious about what your IDEAL life might feel like on a daily basis? Don’t you ever wonder how it would actually feel to push past your doubts, and haul ass down the path that’s been screaming your name for years?

That business you want to start. That art you want to create. That event you want to produce. That book you want to write. All those things are ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE! If you can manage to get so curious about a higher version of yourself that you simply can’t/won’t let it go, you’ll find that resources present themselves for you to explore the very thing that piques your curiosity!

That’s been my experience, and that of most of the men and women in my circle. Get curious, commit, explore, make mistakes, correct course, stay curious, repeat.

On Being Clear

I’ve spent years in pursuit of clarity, just to find that my search methods were only causing more clutter, and pulling me further away from the very same clarity I sought! I use my lessons in my practice, both with myself and to help my clients. I know how to sift through resources to find sources, and let me tell you, that is a liberating feeling!!

Want to explore the current curiosities around your life, and find ways to get clear about your journey? I’ve got a complimentary guide for you! Let me know if you’re a subscriber and haven’t received it.

Now, what unexplored parts of your life do you need to get CURIOUS about?