HOT Yoga & Approaching Healthy Eating

It burns 636 calories per hour, about the same as an hour of jogging!

Yep, it has my attention!  How about you?  Did you know anything about the benefits of Bikram/Hot Yoga?  Me either, but luckily, the at-a-glance of why it rocks is HERE.

Team Tiffany is well underway, and she has just completed her first Hot Yoga session with Tiffany of Temple Yoga and Wellness Center.  I’ll be chatting with Tiffany this weekend about her first yoga experience, but in the meantime, here’s some valuable insight on how to approach meal planning and dietary changes during the journey to a healthier self.


Tiffany met the challenge of Hot Yoga quite well!  To date, her concerns seem to center around eating and of course this new change. So, here are some tips based on Tiffany’s questions.

What do I eat now?

When starting your healthy lifestyle change, it is best to keep it simple.  If you are a person who eats out a lot, go to the Internet and pull the restaurant’s menu.  Decide before you get hungry and before you get to your place of choice what you are going to have to eat.

If you are already hungry, grab a healthy snack first.  Go for a fresh fruit bowl from the grocery store, a smoothie or a handful of almonds to hold you over while you make a better selection.  Most restaurants—including fast food spots—have a healthier side, so start there.

Don’t approach weight loss with dread.

Look at your weight loss goals as a new adventure toward the new you!

Don’t spend all your time thinking about what you have to give up.  Instead, focus on all the new knowledge you will gain.  You will learn how strong you really are and what you are like with more energy.  You will also get to explore different foods and a range of different tastes.

As told to Akilah S. Richards by Tiffany Campbell