Hot Moms = Shallow Moms?! Puhlease! set up shop in the back room of fab’rik, with the goal of connecting with moms who refused to let the “Frumpy Mama Syndrome” take hold of their lives.  My business coordinator and I chatted it up with Lisa Wu Hartwell and a few other equally FLY execumamas that night–yep, the #HotMamaSociety was in da buildin’!!

I know some may be thinking it’s not that big of a deal, because after all,…

a) motherhood is a choice, and with that choice comes some necessary sacrifices, right?
b) And sometimes, those sacrifices include laying your formerly fly self behind for the “whatever’s clean and available” style that many moms don during their waking hours, right?
c) And besides, we don’t want to come off shallow and put the focus on what we wear and how we look. Instead, we want to focus on who we are on the inside, because that’s where it counts, right?

Well, *Side eye and lip pout* to those points, because: yes—motherhood is a choice; and yes—we can’t expect to have the same lifestyle we had pre-motherhood, and some of us weren’t interested in being “FLY” even before we became mothers; and no, we don’t want to seem shallow, because we’re not.  Yep, agreed.  With that said:

I’m not saying we should be rockin’ stilettos and 3 shades of eye shadow every day of the week—no way, I’m a denim gal myself, and in my day-to-day, you’ll often find me in jeans, a tank top, and comfy flats.  But, don’t get it twisted–those jeans will fit RIGHT, those flats will be clean and cute, and that tank top will fit on a body that get’s workout out at least 3 times per week! The make-time-for-me mindset affects more than the way we look. It affects our self esteem, our gauge of value in our society, and the way our children view us and in some ways, themselves. Think of it as an indicator of what’s going on inside. Karen DeBord of the University of Missouri’s Department of Human Development and Family Studies did some research on the emotional well-being as related to women’s self esteem. Click here for her findings.

Though my hubby and I prioritize time with our daughters, make time for regular date nights, and run two companies (and recently launched a new sub-brand (yay!), I also MAKE time for myself, and I’m learning, day by day, to release the guilt that comes with taking time to do what feels right for ME. I’m by no means Superwoman, and many women before and after me have and will exemplify the Execumama Lifestyle.  YOU DESERVE THAT TOO!

I wanted to check in with some of the moms who were in the mindset of taking time for a Fashion’s Night Out event at one of my fave boutiques. Here’s what they (and I) had to say about keeping our Hot Mama Status!

So, how do you keep YOURSELF in mind while you prioritize parenting and the other facets of the Execumama Lifestyle?

Don’t know where to start?  Consider LIFE DESIGN.