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Akilah S. Richards delivers small-group workshops, interactive lectures, keynotes, and web events to help women embody healthy personal leadership skills.  She is available for speaking engagements, guest appearances, interviews, and event hosting.

As a multi-bestselling author, freelance writer, and spiritual educator, Akilah has created and delivered in-person and online women’s workshops about designing our ideal lives through the defining and exploration of self-expression, womanhood, modern feminism, location independence, and the unschooling lifestyle.

She has spoken on college campuses, in private summits, and at women’s conferences in the United States and her home island of Jamaica. She has also been featured on national television, in national magazines and newspapers, lifestyle documentaries, and several online publications.

How to book Akilah :

To inquire about inviting Akilah to be part of your event, please use the form below; we will follow up soon. Her presentations include:

  • Strategy & Soulwork for Radical Self-Expression – This empowerment workshop uses call-and-response, writing, visioning, and chakra work to strengthen participants’ radical self-expression muscles.  It is designed to help participants integrate holistic wellness practices that promote a healthy body and soul through proper nutrition, meditation, movement, and personally enriching relationships.
  • Nurturing the Aha’s: What to Do with Your Biggest Breakthroughs – This interactive lecture addresses the misconception of a “breakthrough” as a solution to a life issue, and shows participants how to use the insights and energies of breakthroughs (also known as Aha Moments) to create and implement actions that bring them closer to long term, positive change.
  • Life Design through Free-Range Learning: Exploring the Unschooling Mindset – This interactive lecture takes the context of Akilah’s popular unschooling e-book and breaks it into bite-sized bits of information about how unschooling (unstructured, curiosity-led learning) facilitates self-exploration and self-expression in children and parents.
  • Live Your Grain: Insights on Radical Lifestyle Management- This interactive lecture helps participants develop emotionally sustainable, moment-by-moment approach to living their best lives. Participants explore ways to integrate wellness into their natural flow and discover strategies for releasing the mythical work-life balance goal.
  • Life Chanting 101 – This workshop teaches participants how to create and practice incantations that energize their spiritual W.A.L.K. (Work. Allowance. Liberation. Knowledge.)

All topics can be adapted to be presentations, keynote speeches, or workshops and can be tailored to the audience. If you don’t see a topic that quite meets your needs but think we can cover it, just let us know. We are also willing to create a signature talk or workshop for groups.


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2016 Speaker Engagement

$850 - $8,000

Depending on the location (virtual or in-person), type of presentation, and number of presentations requested. All speaking engagements require at least travel expenses to be covered.