Techniques for tapping into your divine design

This webinar is for women who intend to get unflinchingly confident standing on their own goddamn feet, instead of blowing with the winds and doubting their magic, and allowing relationships and fears to control their decisions. It’s for those who intend to master what it means to be the entirely confident, God-loving, eternally grateful, massively successful type of women who either inspire or intimidate other people.

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I’ve been reading your posts on and just started reading your blog today. Thank you for all you’ve written, said, and done. You’re giving a lot of women of all colors new ways to look inside ourselves and bring out our beautiful selves. I look forward to more!
Amy Mikah Brown
Akilah is hardwired to be a vehicle for empowerment. Ultimately, she communicates to the strength and power that lies within us, and the steps that are needed to tap into that power.
Angelou Ezeilo

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